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Best Piece Of Ass These are of a woman that was the best piece of ass I ever had. She was awesome in bed! Unfortunatly she was the exact opposite out of bed so she had to go.

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A few shots of another way to use a pool table. I love to email with people and will answer all comments with legitimate email addresses.

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Miss Saintex was working on comuter, when i payed under the linen and get her excited with a dildo... Then she get on herself.... 3 orgasms... omg

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make love not war! One sunny day, my baby start her first topless and not only...I call her " curly goddess"... I hope you enjoy with this set..

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Trandy Out and About - First Contribution trandy likes good comments so if you like these. any good feed back could lead to more photos. she loves attentio

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I'll let u use mine if you let me use yours.And as u can see, she takes great pride in her menage! Luv to trade either pics or movies...or spit!


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Tammy promised to do a RC submission if the comments were good on her VW posts. The comments were great, so here is a hotter version of one of the posts that was well received.

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Another set. I've enjoyed reading all of the comments. These are a few of the many pictures (and video) taken during our Day of Sex!

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I shot these pics of Lilian on campus. We were trying to make them artistic but I will let you be the judge of whether we accomplished this or not! If you like them check out the site.

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I'm going through your comments trying to do my best to answer all your requests. Until then these are some pictures from last weekend.

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It was a warm day today in Cincinnati, so washing the car was a perfect way to enjoy it! And I snapped a few good pics in the process!

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here are a few more from the rest stop. the comments have been great. still have not answered nor even opened all of them. just too many. in the mean time enjoy. (0)(0)