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Went for a motorcycle ride and decided to stop by the park to shoot some pics while a few guys were looking on and enjoying every minute

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Thank you for all the positive comments on contri # 1...they far outweighed the negative comments....lisa, this one is for you!!

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Today's theme is image size and image quality, which is something every photographer needs to understand (and adjust on his camera) before even taking the first picture.

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Surfside Sushi - These were taken on the 2006 VW/RC Vacation in the Dominican Republic June 19-25. Photographer: Donzi_dreamer.

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Sorry about the quality and lack of money shot (she swallowed!!) but hey, it's our first time. We'll get better!! Looking forward to all the comments esp from the ladies! Any Bi in Philly?

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I decided to have a site for myself. Steven helped me design the site and I am enjoying it. I'm in the kitchen now having my poses snapped by his digital camera.


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Foxy Lady My wife is contemplating getting breast implants. 43 year old, mother of 2 teenage kids, first time contributer. Should she.....or shouldn't she??

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M* Fun In My Office Got a bit bored in my office so decided to do a bit of DIY photography.. Sorry if pictures are a bit distant but getting used to camera still. Bilbo

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After a sightseeing and shopping tour I'm gone up the hill to the Salzburg Castle. I've had great sunny day there. Hubby asked my to do some flashing pics for VW, so I did. I hope you enjoy. Kisses,

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Hi We have been viewers of redclouds for a couple of years and thought it was time we posted a few of ours. We are hoping for plenty of nice comments, We are sure to post more if reactions are good.

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We don't see many plus 60 year old women posting so not sure there is interest out there yet for us to share Marilyn... Your thoughts?

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OK. Here I post some of her showing other angles. Sorry, but can't show her face. She lovs your good comments, and we can make more pictures.