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*Re Kti Naked On Train'S Bridge - KTI exposed on a train's bridge in France. We hope you like this new contri. Thanks for all your kindness.

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Hello Vw crew and fans! Here is pt.2 of the naked path in the woods....this is getting better and better...stay tuned for more! Enjoy!!

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Just a little walk alongside the canal on a cloudy summer's day. Hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I did posing for them.

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These are the pics that I hope are suitable for the VW-section. Hope you like em. Please send us your comments. There is lots of RC-stuff that we might post as well.

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Hello, guys. This is just for fun so everyone lighten up. It snowed here and I wanted a snow man. Steve said he would help me for a blow job. Hahaha...Frosty got the blow job. See ya,

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More Fantasy Fest 2011. These are pictures of people having a good time. If you don't like Fantasy Fest pictures keep moving.


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So, D said, "No problem, you just have to grow out the monster bush and I'll do the topiary.' Yeah, he really talks like that. So, for the entire summer, I had to let my pubes grow. I hated it.

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Thanks very for your lovely comments about my last contrib. Here are my new pics sucking a cock. I love doing it. Hope you will enjoy them

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heres a continuation of the prior contri with a few extra pics thrown in...Please leave some comments for me... love to get some feedback

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This is what I get after reading all the great comments. Keep them cummin. PLEASE!!! Any requests? She'll do just about anything.

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Bambi and I were just fooling around one night and decided to have some fun taking pic's and needed to cover some areas. Decided to use what was closest. Hope you enjoy!

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Hey, just thought ya'll could use a little cheer for the holidays!! This is my holiday card to ya'll!! Merry Christmas!!! Tx Twister!!!!