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Greetje Greetje is her name, she is 55 and live in The Netherlands. She whants to be her one this site. I hope you can pleas the pictures on your site

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These are taking a while after the dam pics and are way up in the hills over looking a rural area. Hope you enjoy them, it was quite the hike up half naked!!

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Marilyn thanks for your always sexy videos! Waiting for your next one. Hope your neighbor comes by for the show again. Very sexy!

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She loves something shoved up her ass,whether its's one of her toys ,or my fingers,or my dick,doesn't matter as long as her ass is filled!!! Send some good comments please!!!

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As a public request, finally i sent this video of me cumming in her mouth, but guys there isone problem, she dont like to drink cum. Anyway enjoy the video. From: LatinRacedriver

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Here are some good reasons to be on a cruise. The ladies were on the ship docked next to us in port. Maybe I was on the wrong ship.


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came to me with a sharp staring glare and a hypnotic charm and in deed she charmed me and then vanished if only i can find her again

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Its been awhile, so we thought we would send in a few new pictures to let everyone know she is just as sexxy as before, and see if there are any new requests,

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Thank you to all who left comments. I really enjoyed the comments! I would love to hear from all you single women who would love to do a photo shoot with me!

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thanks to all for the great comments on our first rc submission 'revlon mirror girl'! here's oceangirl in a sexy little number!

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i loved all great compliments from last week posting; so i think to be a good idea to send you others pics where i show my pussy.

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Just a little tease for my fans out there. Don't worry, I'll be posting more shortly. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all of that.