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*Cr Dripping Cream Pie - As you can see, my pussy gets dripping wet whenever I get my pictures taken for RC. Hope you enjoy the creampie in the last pic...I did!

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Thought I'd join in the fun and see what you think? Horny Mom her with deployed husband that likes to hear about me being naughty. Asheville, NC

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Hey Redclouds!!! Just bought a WinTV yesterday.Now ican grab ourvid so far. We are planning to do some more vids if response is good. Please call this TT fun.

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Wife after shower 1st 4 ok last one she caught me. Love your site, need digital camera.. Any good 3 to 4 power zoom digital cameras out there.

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With my husbands pantyhose fetish, he loved watching me ripping them off me. He didn't mind adding a helping hand once in a while.

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This is what a well stocked (or should I say well stacked) tool shed looks like. She has been my girl for over 35 years. Mother, Grandmother, and still great.


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Well, Tomomi has been overwhelmed with all the positive response and would like to thank everyone with another, more revealing set of shots. Keep those comments coming!

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Well, let's getthe ball rolling with the new theme! These aresome from our personal archive. So many hours of fun and torment. We will submit more, (fresh ones),later inthemonth.

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we did some shots last week and were a bit disappointed by the feed back. Not to be deterred, we did it again, but went a bit further. Same idea. Hope someone likes them this time

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This is how she look before we get married (pictures are about 10-15 years old). You can see on last picture what children can do ...

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Been a fan of the site for years, thought id finally post some pics and see what you all think. Please comment and there might be more to cum.

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Un saluto a tutte le splendide presenze in queso sito: la mitica Cinzia, la super Topina e le altre intriganti coppie italiane. Ciao.