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this is my wife just before the birth of our son recently. I told her she looks wonderful but she lacks confidence so some positive comments would really help her...

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Hello Kate. Very nice site. Finally boughtdigital camera. Here is my beatiful wife (35 yr - 2 kids) Pics I took yesterday. PLease do not post my e-mail address

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I have been a member here for a while now, first time posting though getting a divorce and want to here what the ladies have to say about me...

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went out looking for shoes at walmart and decided to take a few pics next thing i new we went out to the car and man was she wet

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Hello... Seems like a good time to show off again. We have a tendency to get kindabad. We hope this gets someone off good.....enjoy

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For those who asked for a closer view of what I have between my legs. I hope you like it, do you? Besitos, de nuevo desde Madrid.Gero Arte.


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I would like to introduce you to Rita. She's got small tits, but she sucks a mean cock! The tongue ring is always good though. I got it on video, too.

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Bec and I went 4 wheeling to a spot we knew would give her a chance to get some sun on the really white spots, LOL. Predictably I took the camera out and she started playing.

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she is so sweet sleeping.....she alway wear tong.....but sometimes not!i become so horny when she sleep naked i hope that you like her and that she turn you on all! bye bart

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Hi there we wanna show what she luvs....u can see her with one of her lovers...still looking for single men for her in our area! So we hope U enjox , comment and contact her....

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Hello everyone! Just thought I would send a couple of pics to see what you think. I'm a 100% Rican and I love to suck cock-any cock anytime. LOVE YA!

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At everyone's request here are some shots of my ass, while shooting this series I get a little worked up and decide to relieve myself.