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Few more mixed shots that i found on my PC,i hope you all enjoy. And for the this contri i have found some clear shots of my girls.

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voici une petite contribution de notre part a votre site si c'est photos vous plaisent il y en aura beaucoup d'autre for more and hot pictures vot superb thanks a beauty from belgium

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Posted by dammisolo in Hardcore

Grazie per i commenti ai contri precedenti. In questo mi sono (e ci siamo...) divertiti in un bel posto durante un fine settimana.

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Posted by zorrillo in Real nudist

Hello, these are my first pics, I'm a little shy but I hope you like them, maybe I'll send more explicid ones next time. Love, xoxoxo

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Posted by GILOU78 in Hardcore

Hi I m very happy to offer you again my pics. We love take pics of me. we hope you like this set of various pics. As always,wait for your comments kiss bye

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As I was looking for a comfortable place to masturbate, I thought why not try it on the kitchen table. It wasn't as soft as the bed but it was good enough for me.


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Sommes couple 40 45 ans du Limousin en France. Nous aimons les jeux erotiques et l'exhib. Nous recherchons des couples pour partager des soirees liberees.

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Hey Everyone! These are just a few of our most recent pics. Hope they qualify for the scenes on a chair contest, if not they were still fun, and we wanted to share them anyhow. ~Kisses~ Kitty

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Here are photos of my wife from 20 years ago I recently found, I hope you see the beauty I saw in her and she is just as beautiful today.

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Here, now, are the final shots from that day. Does anyone have any ideas for a new series out there. If so leave the idea on my BB please. Have a great day!!

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We were out on the boat again today and their was alot of boat and jetski traffic. Sunset enjoyed the comments from her last contri that she thought we should add a few more.

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We haven't submitted any pics in a while although we post on the bb quite a bit. Hope you like our pics and don't forget to comment as it motivates us to post even more.